Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conversion Limbo

This conversion from Blogger to WordPress isn't going very well. The main problem at this point is that Blogger's export of posts cuts off after about 3 megs, or about one-eighth of my content. Meanwhile, Google has taken away my ability to post via FTP (because I converted to a blogspot blog to help with the WordPress import.) While I'm working on dealing with these issues, I decided to do a temporary hack.

This site, http://www.obsessionwithfood.com, now puts all the content from my temporary site, http://moveowf.blogspot.com, into an iframe. This is not an ideal solution, but it does allow me to post, which my limbo setup did not. It does, however, mean that my RSS feed is probably not updating, and it also means that links on this page will not change your browser's address bar. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm mostly very annoyed at Google and Blogger at this point. If you're going to cut off a bunch of your customers, you should make sure they can cleanly exit the service.

Don't understand my comment about the address bar? Here's a good example: a piece I wrote recently about the Vino-Lok closure for the San Francisco Chronicle. If you click on that link, your browser will still say you're at http://www.obsessionwithfood.com.

I have not subsumed SFGate. Or any other link you might click on.

I'll get this dealt with as soon as humanly possible, but this at least gives me a means to post new content, which I do intend to do.

Thanks for your patience.